Areas of expertise

3D Modeling

Digital design and 3D prototyping: how to create 3D garments with obsessive attention to detail in the pursuit of hyperrealism. 

3D Materials

Using the right materials is crucial in every 3D project: how to build a material from scratch, how to choose and edit fabrics for a stunning result.

Virtual Photography

How to create impactful images and videos to be used in communication activities: ecommerce, social networks, or presentations to customers. 

About us

Johnnie Maneiro

I have always shared everything I have learned. I like knowing that others can reach new heights and grow through one of my courses or training sessions.

In 3D modeling, a relatively new and growing industry, training is essential. I am available to teach everything new on the market because I am constantly updating my knowledge and skills, and engaging the best professionals in the industry.

Lucia Vellandi

I believe that the right training can have a disruptive force and an immediate positive impact, and that's why I like being part of TheRender Training.

I'm here to help you choose the right course or build a custom training path for you or your company. I'm available to answer your questions or clarify any concerns you may have about our courses and consulting services.

Contact us

[email protected]